Eat Well

Healthy eating is a purposeful practice of consuming nutrient dense foods, and fluids, to help maintain, and or improve, overall health and longevity. Its’ not a diet, or a special plan, or denying and depriving yourself of the foods you love. And it’s not about being perfect. Its about developing mindful eating habits with good nutritious food that’s good for you, real foods. A simple concept, a way of life, to aspire too.

Eating healthy is a mindful process, and journey, that incorporates knowledge, time, tastes, and skill. It can be challenging, but achievable. It requires patience, persistence, effort, commitment and flexibility. Set a goal for the amount of real food you would like to consume in your life. Then start the journey. Like all journeys there will be up’s and down’s, good and bad days, but stay open minded, and positive. Relax, have fun, and enjoy the freshness, tastes, and flavors, of real food.

Getting 70 percent, or even 50 percent, of real foods into your daily life is a huge leap  towards good health.

Eating is a very personal and daily activity of living. A learned practice that is emotional, habitual, traditional and necessary for growth and survival.

We all come from diverse family backgrounds, and genes, and feel better when eating particular types of foods. Therefore, when choosing, and adding, new foods to your daily life one needs to be aware of our bodies, current health, and family history. It is always best to consult and partner with your doctor, and healthcare professionals, to find a way of eating that is best for you and your body.